[MWC 2013] SK Hynix at Mobile World Congress 2013!


Hola! The world’s biggest mobile festival, Mobile World Congress (MWC), was held in Barcelona, Spain on Feb. 25. The MWC is the world’s biggest ICT event held by the Global System for Mobile Communication Association (GSMA), a union of more than 1,000 mobile carriers, phone manufacturers and equipment makers from 220 countries. This year’s edition saw the largest participation ever, with over 70,000 people from 1,500 companies across 4 days under the theme of “The New Mobile Horizon.” 

SK Telecom was the only Korean mobile carrier to run an independent booth at MWC for 4 years in a row, showing off a number of innovative new services. A new member of the SK Group, SK Hynix also joined SK Telecom-SK Planet for the second year to showcase SK as a total ICT leader with communications, semiconductor and platform businesses.  

SK Telecom became the first in the world to apply the 150Mbs LTE-A (Long Term Evolution-Advanced) to a device. By connecting two different frequency bandwidths it has achieved double the current speed, securing the core technology needed to evolve to LTE-A in today’s frequency-scarce world. 

SK Hynix has been looking for possibilities to enter into mobile application business together with SK Telecom. At this year’s MWC, it met with some of the world’s leading mobile clients to discuss the company’s mobile solutions, introducing mobile DRAM along with CIS (CMOS Image Sensor), SSD (Solid State Drive) and eMMC (embedded Multi-Media Card). 

Then let’s find out how SK Hynix has captured the world’s mobile clients’ attention. Here are some of the company’s mobile solutions. 

 The IT industry is seeing a lot of changes recently as PCs are giving way to mobile devices. Contents become savvier and device-to-device wireless connection is increasing, which means more data consumption and device convergence. 

In the changing ICT paradigm led by mobile, SK Hynix, together with SK Telecom, is trying to predict the market’s future and lead the trend. As mobile solutions become the key and clients’ requirements become more diverse, SK Hynix has been unveiling a series of more competitive high-performance mobile products. 

And that’s why its mobile DRAM revenue share has kept moving up and up, from 20% early last year to 40% at year-end. Mobile products were a dependable revenue source for SK Hynix, helping it reach 10 trillion Korean won last year despite the difficult market conditions.  

SK Hynix has on offer 20 nano (2x) 4Gb LPDDR2, a high-spec mobile DRAM boasting mobility and low power consumption. It offers not only high capacity but also the fastest speed and low power, optimal for high-performance smart phones, tablet PCs and ultrabooks. Another state-of-the-art mobile solution, 20 nano (2y) 8Gb LPDDR3, will be made available soon.  CIS, which acts like a film in a digital camera, is available across a range of pixels, from 8M to 13M. And BSI (Back Side Illumination) technology, embedded in high-performance mobile devices, is available now in both HD and Full HD products.  

As for Nand Flash, a number of products are slated for launch this year, using the 10 nano and 3D-cell technology. SSD and eMMC, embedded with a controller by SK Hynix, a key Nand solution product, will also be unveiled this year. In light of the varying client needs, SSD will move from mSATA to a new and improved NGFF (New Generation Form Factor) in the first half of this year. As for eMMC, the next-generation eMMC 4.5 has been launched, with improved speed and security features. And this is not all. The next-generation Nand Flash interface, UFS (Universal Flash Storage), combining the best of SDD and eMMC will be coming soon this year.  

Mobile DRAM, Nand Flash and CIS are all part of the SK Hynix mobile solution products, which took up only 30% of the company’s revenue in 2010. But it jumped to 50% last year, and is poised to keep jumping! Rest assured that there will be more to come for mobile solutions. And this is all from the MWC 2013. Chao!


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